We at BUL Ltd have been producing and specializing in the manufacturing of pistols since 1990.

The company built its reputation on the legendary BUL M5 pistol, which at the time was revolutionary.
One of the first high capacity polymer framed 1911s to hit the market, which utilized innovative  polymer injection molding techniques.
In the many years that have passed since our line has grown and now caters for law enforcement, military and self-defense purposes.
Let us not forget the custom pistols for all 1911 addicts, as well as competitive shooters and collectors. most of us here at BUL live, breathe and shoot pistols on a daily basis, whether working on a customer's order, training with our gun club or taking part in national or international IPSC matches.
Add to that our proven old time legacy and design, state of the art materials, machinery and technology, combined with superb craftsmanship that only our master gunsmiths can deliver.
All these things combined give us that extra edge of understanding of what our client's needs and dreams are and allow us to deliver exactly that.



 A look at a couple of our product ranges


 1911 Government


The timeless 1911 design is one that has proven itself over the years in every possible arena. It has served in conflicts around the world, trusted by law enforcement as well as civilians for personal defence. The 1911 is a classic, which we at BUL value, respect and love. It has a special place in our heart.


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1911 Trophy


The  1911 Trophy is what we believe to be the ultimate IPSC Classic Division Pistol.It includes all features from our Classic line of 1911 pistols, the Trophy has got all the extras needed for competitive shooting. The Trophy is true to our motto "Ready to race out of the box". Just load some rounds and go to the range!


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SAS II Standard & SAW


Our standard division pistol comes with all the bells and whistles that any IPSC Standard  /  USPSA Limited shooter needs. This line is true to our motto "ready to race out of the box" , giving you all the features you'll need for competitive shooting from the get go. The SAS II SAW includes the same features of our standard line, but has aggressive slide serration cuts for better slide manipulation.


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SAS II Ultimate Racer


The SAS II "Ultimate Racer" (UR) was built and designed for cutting edge competitive performance. The SAS II UR is our flagship IPSC pistol incorporating state of the art gunsmithing and manufacturing processes to provide superior speed and accuracy. The UR is meticulously hand fitted and tuned, then thoroughly tested to ensure that everything is perfect. The UR is "Ready to race out of the box" - just load some magazines and you're ready to go.


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